Transport your car overseas or buy new?

Like any other business, we had small beginnings. Initially, there was only one small van so we could do deliveries. With time and investment we have built up our assets. They now include a selection of transports and quality storage facilities. As a result we can offer flexible car transportation across the UK and beyond as well as services for storing different vehicles.

Planning to move

A great degree of planning goes into moving overseas. Naturally, you will want the most from your money. In addition, it is preferable to lower expenses at every given opportunity.

Knowing these facts, it is critical to think about what is financially viable when it comes to your car. You can sell it and purchase a new one when you arrive or take it with you. The former may seem like the easiest option for you. However, it is usually financially better to transport it. There are several factors that come into play here. Allow us to explain what they are.

Transporting may be easier than you think

Car transportationIt is possible that you are under the impression that transporting a car is a real hassle. You may think that it is a better idea to save on the stress and simply purchase a car overseas. It is understandable if this is a concern of yours. Yet, you might be surprised at how easy transporting cars is. This is especially true with experts like us at your side. You also need to think about how difficult selling and buying actually is. When you do, you should not disregard transportation entirely simply because you are not sure of things.

Teams like ours make it incredibly easy by aiding you with all the details. This includes regulations and paperwork to name some. Therefore, if you are anxious about the process, you should not be. As a top quality car transportation company, we are going to make everything as stress free as possible.

The costs

The cost of buying and selling overseas is another factor to consider. Do some research on the type of car you are looking at. See how much it costs at your destination. You may find it is more expensive to get the model you want overseas. If you compare the purchase price to the amount you expect to get for selling your current car, you may also be facing having to pay the difference. Think about the costs of registration, insurance, and tax too.


Another thing to think about is the differences in the vehicles overseas. You may be moving to a country where people drive on the other side of the road. As a result if you plan on buying a car when you get there, you need to be ready for this. It may not be something you are comfortable with so you prefer to stick with what you have.

Talk to us about car transportation

At Rudler, we have had the pleasure to offer our services to clients from every corner of the UK. In addition, we excel in shipping outside of the country. Our team are professional and always take good care with your vehicles.

When it comes to secure car transportation, we have become the number one choice for countless people. If you would also like our help, please get in touch.