Transporting a classic car correctly

There are many reasons why classic vehicle enthusiasts invest in professional car transportation. Sometimes careful services are necessary as the vehicles need to reach their destination in a clean condition. For example, the owners may be displaying them at motor shows. Keeping this in mind, there are many methods for transporting a classic car to choose from. We can help you to choose the right one.

Car transportation options

Covered transports are among the most reliable methods. They ensure protection for the car’s paintwork, and from general wear due to bad weather. Additionally, the transport provides extra security until it reaches its destination. This is perfect against prying eyes that have the intention of vandalising or stealing it. The transport can be safely locked so there is no way to access the vehicle until it reaches its destination.

Along with covered options, there is also the option of transporting more than one vehicle. This is especially handy if you need to move your collection to an exhibition. Again there are covered transports that can do this. In other cases you may have to open for open trailers. In each case, make sure the providers clearly state they have adequate insurance cover. If it’s not suitable for your classic cars, you can request an increase.

Unloading classic cars correctly

Often classic car owners worry about the worst case scenario when unloading their vehicle. It is possible they can fall off transporters, or they need driving off themselves. However, modern transporters accommodate for this. They use ramps and winches to ensure safe unloading, regardless if the car is running or not.

Not only can you transport classic cars, but supercars and sports cars too. This is beneficial for any kind of owner, as transporters can cater for most car types.

After covering the information above, you may need to arrange services. Rudler Car Transportation and Storage have a trustworthy, reliable reputation for moving vehicles. We have clients worldwide who rely on our services. If you need our expertise, please contact us today.