Unfreezing a frozen clutch

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You’re probably well informed of everything that goes on when storing a car. However, you might not know what happens once your vehicle exits storage. So that you know what to expect, we’re going to discuss what could happen with your car post-storage.

A potential mechanical problem

A frozen clutch is one of the most reoccurring complications we encounter. Whenever we leave cars standing for prolonged periods, they sometimes develop the fault. This is because you’ve left the friction disc confined beneath the monumental thrust between the pressure plate and flywheel. Additionally, either the disc fuse’s adhesive matrix or the metallic particles existing in the friction disc have mingled with the pressure plate or flywheel. Once this occurs, the engine crankshaft merges with the gearbox’s input shaft.

Should I do anything before trying to repair it?

Prior to attempting a repair, check that the clutch linkage is functioning properly. There are two straightforward things you’ll want to attempt first. Turn the engine on in neutral and allow it to run until it heats up. Push your clutch pedal and blip the throttle a few times. The expeditious shift in engine speed and the heat coming from it can potentially cause the friction disc to break loose.

Should this fail, pump your breaks with the engine off, and hold down the pedal. Press your clutch pedal and go into fourth gear. Put your key in the starting stance and operate your motor for a second. This uses the starter motor’s torque to gyrate the flywheel, causing it to loosen from the friction disc.

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