Use a controlled environment to protect vehicles

Many car owners that require an effective storage method for their vehicle choose our air chambers. The systems we offer are state of the art. Firstly, they are lightweight, strong, and easy to erect. Furthermore, they are more than capable of keeping your car free from condensation. Not to mention, they are appropriate for all kinds of models.

A constantly fresh environment

air chambersThe air chamber is what people class as a controlled environment. They re-circulate the air within the storage cell. At the same time, the system filters out airborne impurities. This includes dust. In conditions like these, you can even dry damp items. The air currents generate a breeze that will help with the evaporation process. It is similar to a washing line in this respect. Think of it as hanging your car out to dry.

The evaporated moisture inside the chamber is permitted to escape inside the airflow. It will seep gradually from closed zips and the vent. Therefore, the environment is always going to stay fresh. It will be replenished by filtered, fresh air coming from the fans. Everything shall also remain condensation-free as the chamber will be a stable temperature without any big shifts.

Protection from mould and rust

With an atmosphere that is virtually free of moisture, mould and rust can’t develop. We use the word virtually because even dry air holds a natural degree of water vapour. What this does is aid natural substances like leather and wood from losing their attributes. However it is not enough to encourage mould or cause corrosion.

Recommending air chambers

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we make sure that we stock the best products on the market. You can use our air chambers for short and long term storage. In addition, they are completely portable once you erect them. You can use them in a wide array of locations, from garages to barns and more. Whatever the location, they will protect your vehicle.

If you would like to know more, you are welcome to contact us. We will suggest the perfect product for your needs.