Using the most suitable transport for your car

When transporting valuable vehicles, a great deal of care is required to ensure they are moved safely, regardless of the distance and whether they are driven to the destination or carried on a transport. In all cases it is vital to consider the condition of the vehicle and take steps to ensure it will be the same when it reaches its destination as when it left.

One of the most important decisions in car transportation is whether the vehicle will be driven or taken on a transporter. The second option is generally favoured because it means the vehicle can remain covered throughout the trip, and will be protected against stones flying off the road and other issues that could cause cosmetic damage.

If a transporter is used to move a vehicle, it is important that it is the most appropriate one for that particular car to minimise the risk of damages being caused during the loading and unloading. For this reason it is usually better to opt for a transport with a shallow load angle. The shallower the angle, the less power it will take to load the vehicle and the lower the risk of damage. A shallow incline may also mean a winch doesn’t need to be used.

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage we have a range of different transporters available to cater for a wide range of requirements. Each one is made to our specifications, and we have extensive experience transporting vehicles to many different locations. This means we are well positioned to offer a bespoke service, handling everything from modern supercars to traditional and vintage cars.

One great feature of our transports is the fact that they have air suspension. This means vehicles are protected against bumps and ruts in the road, delivering extra protection. It also means we can cater for both light and heavy loads. Additionally all of them have a shallow load angle.

If you would like to arrange professional car transportation please call on us. We can offer services across the UK and further afield, and as we are fully licensed and members of the Road Haulage Association you can always expect the perfect service from us.