Watch out for the sun

Car transportationOur team’s speciality is providing clients with reliable car transportation. We often work with vintage and classic cars, including some of the rarest models. With more than three decades of experience, we know how to satisfy the needs of every client. In addition, we understand that vehicles must be completely safe while they are in our care. That is why we have insurance, high quality vehicles, professional transporters, and wonderful facilities.

At some stage, you might be heading overseas for a while or staying there permanently. In order to save on getting a new car when you arrive, you may be thinking of taking yours with you. Or, you may want to take your classic car collection with you. Shipping can be an affordable and straightforward solution here.

Moving during the summer

However, while it can be easy, you do need to think about several things. Firstly, you may have chosen to move during the summer or be moving to a very sunny destination. This means you will need to safeguard your car against sun damage. It can be a problem for older vehicles.

What can happen is the paint can fade because of the UV rays. In the worst cases it can crack and peel entirely. That makes the vehicle appear older than it actually is. The rubber trim, headlights, bumpers, and fenders can also be affected. Your interiors are not safe from the sun either. Leather can fade like paint and in high humidity it can crack.

Keep it all clean

Something that can help you here is keeping the car clean. The sun’s UV rays will constantly bombard your paint. At the same time, they will cause rusting problems. To keep your paint in top condition, don’t leave your car covered in filth of any kind. Certain types of dirt can be acidic. They can hasten the sun damage done to your paintwork. In addition, salt can cause problems. Keep this in mind if you frequently visit the sea or live near the coast.

Remember to wash with care too. Doing it more often is an easy way of protecting your car from the sun. Washing stations and drive-in car washes might appear to be convenient options. However, they typically use strong chemicals and are rather powerful. This can lead to more exterior harm. The ideal approach would be to pre-rinse the vehicle to dispose of the dirt. Next, you need to soap the car up and rinse it off once more. Just don’t push the road and brake dirt from your wheels onto the rest of your vehicle.

Use the best car transportation

Another thing you can do is choose the right transports to move your vehicle. Ideally what you want is a covered transport that will keep your car out of the sun for the whole trip. This can protect it from the weather as well as stones on the road and other things that could cause damage. It also lets you keep the car safely locked away until it arrives at your destination.

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we use transporters that are of the cleanest Euro 6 standard. They each come with incredibly shallow air suspension, winches, and load angles. Thanks to our vehicles, we can manage up to four cars at once.

So, if you would like to use our car transportation services, please let us know. We can help people to move at any time of the year.