Weatherproof or waterproof?

We are the number one name in storing cars for several reasons. For one thing, our facilities are top notch, with the best security measures in place. In addition, we provide car covers to give vehicles some extra protection. There are options you can use inside and outside, ensuring we have products for any need.

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for ways to safeguard your vehicle. The weather and humidity in the UK can be challenging for some vehicles. What you must do is get your hands on waterproof or weatherproof covers. Since there are multiple options though, picking a cover may be tricky. We are going to discuss both types here to give you a better idea of how they work.

Waterproof covers

car coversAs the name implies, these covers are entirely waterproof. They will keep your car completely dry underneath as the water will never soak through. If you are lacking space, this might be the better choice.

In addition to keeping out rain and moisture, the covers are capable of blocking tiny particles. These can damage your car in time. Chemical compounds and acid rain are the best examples of these particles.

Many people believe that rain is among the safest sources of clean water. You can consider it a soft source if you compare it to well water that holds heavy metals coming from the soil. However, it is vital to keep in mind that rain water is never completely devoid of chemicals. Pollutants and similar chemicals get absorbed into the rain as they evaporate from the earth. After the particles get to a specific density level, they fall as acid rain.

Weatherproof covers

In contrast to the waterproof covers, weatherproof ones do not keep water out entirely indefinitely. They are water resistant, but in time the moisture can soak through. That means if there is very heavy rain or you leave a cover wet for a long period the water can eventually get through to your vehicle. They work well in most circumstances though, causing the water to bead and run off.

While they may not be fully waterproof, these covers can still protect your vehicle from chemicals. The material will filter these compounds out, meaning that if water does get through, it will be clean. That is good news if you have concerns about acid rain damaging paintwork or parts.

We have the best car covers for you

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we have years of experience ensuring our clients get the best products and services. As a result, we are in the best position to recommend solutions for most vehicles.

So, if you need car covers but are unsure what type to choose, ask us. We have many types, including indoor, outdoor, and custom ones. We will suggest the right one for you, whether you store the vehicle with us or at home.