What are the conveniences when owning an air chamber?

If you need to store your beloved vehicle and have not heard of air chambers before, you are certainly missing out. If you want to make sure of safe storage in general, or just for whilst you’re away, you should take advantage of a chamber. They are excellent for classic cars and modern ones too, providing protection for the long or short term.

The reasons why air chambers are used are due to these factors: moisture, weather, air quality and temperature. All of them can have a detrimental impact on a car’s condition. Considering the kind of flooring the car will be parked on is also important. Generally, if it’s stored on soft ground it can cause deterioration to the suspension and tyres. Therefore, it is advised to store vehicles on stable, flat surfaces.

Opting for a storage provider that is dedicated to protecting your car is always better than leaving it in a barn or on parked on the street. Of course, storing it in a garage offers some protection but not optimum levels like air chambers provide, especially if it is to sit for long periods of time.

Rudler Car Transportation & Storage can provide you with state of the art air chamber technology. The products provide an advanced controlled environment for however long your car needs storing, and also prevents condensation due to it eliminating changes in air temperature.

These air chambers can turn any barn into the perfect environment for storing your classic car, all for an affordable price. They can remove many kinds of contaminants from the air, keeping your vehicle pristine for long periods of time. Generally they come with enough space so you can do routine maintenance too.

If you wish to acquire this brilliant piece of equipment or would like to store your vehicle with a provider that uses them, then get in touch with us today!