What happens to cars once the summer ends?

We have been assisting clients with storing their classic and vintage cars for years. Our business can give them the secure facilities they want to keep everything safe. In addition, we are able to supply them with a multitude of high calibre car covers. With options available for both inside and outside, we have something for any need. This can even include bespoke options to guarantee a proper fit.

The end of summer is an important time for the owners of classic cars. Once the damper, colder, darker nights arrive, people will be looking for solutions for their vehicles for the next few months. Some people will be lucky enough to have a nice dry garage. They will likely be thinking about using an interior, curve hugging fleece cover. If not, exterior options will be what you are probably considering. You may even want to invest in storage at a facility like ours that will offer the best protection.

Daily drive cars

car coversWith a daily drive car, you will need a solution that offers easy access. Here many people will leave it on the drive and use a cover for security when the nights are darker. It can also help the frosty early mornings when the car and windscreen gets iced up.

However, while the covers can be good, you need to be careful. Your car might get covered in grime and dirt, or maybe rock salt. In this case, you might not want to use car covers as they could leave all of this muck on the car. It could even result in scratches and damage.

Use a dry garage

If you have a garage, then a fitted indoor fleece car cover shall safeguard the vehicle from low temperatures. It will keep it safe from dust and dirt, as well as accidental dings. These can happen when someone brushes past. You can store daily drive vehicles and vintage models you only use rarely. But, you may be better off choosing a facility for the latter because it can offer climate control and more.

Damp garages and lockups

Some people will store their car in a damp garage or lockup. In this situation, you must consider security to address thefts and anti-social behaviour. You also need to think about how the dampness will affect the vehicle, whether you take it out daily or leave it for a long time. If you choose a cover, make it an outdoor one. To prevent the damp from rising, cover your floor using plastic sheeting.

Underground car parks

Finally, we will talk about storing a car in underground parking. This will be a sort of communal parking space. Preferably, you should use a heavy duty, thick cover to stop dings and scuffs from other cars. It is a useful option for daily use cars, but may not be best for long term storage due to the security concerns and conditions.

We know our car covers well

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we have a lot of experience when it comes to supplying covers. Therefore, it is easy for us to recommend the right solution for every client. The options we have include the Supertex indoor, Moltex-5 outdoor, and custom covers.

So, please give us a call if you would like to explore car covers. We can offer options to suit different vehicles, usability levels, and locations.