What should I check during driving after storage?

Car storageIf you are thinking about investing in car storage for your vintage vehicle, you are certainly in the right place. Our facilities are at our family home in Wiltshire. Despite being in a rural locale, we are in a great location to help clients all over the world. We are close to Gatwick and Heathrow airports and the road access is also excellent.

Preparing your car for storage is vital. Something else you can’t forget to do however is check it after you take it back out. Specifically, we will be discussing everything you need to do during driving.

Starting the engine

The first step is to start your engine. Let everything run for twenty minutes at least so it can warm up. You may end up having a difficult time getting it to start. It might not fire up full stop. In this instance, contact an expert mechanic to diagnose the issue. They will recommend the ideal repair strategy as well.

Warning signs

Be on the lookout for warning signs too. The engine may sound strange after you begin warming it up. Alternatively, lights or indicators could show up on the dash. If you encounter any of these, check them immediately.


Test the brakes as well. You may find they are stiff or have gathered rust due to not being in use. Examine your brake pedal to see if things feel normal. Allow your motor to roll a few feet so you can assess the braking. If the need arises, use your emergency brake. Rust on the brake rotors isn’t unheard of but it shall wear away eventually.

Choose professional car storage

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we carefully monitor our site with the help of CCTV surveillance. There is also electronic coded entry and a sophisticated alarm system. This is linked to a central monitoring system. As a result all vehicles are as secure as possible.

If you require the best car storage service available, please get in touch with us. We can arrange a solution to suit any need.