What you need to know about battery sulphation

A lot of people end up in this situation – you go to turn on your vehicle and experience the clicking sound of a dead battery. Sulphation build up can kill your battery but what exactly is it? Can battery conditioners help?

A little information about sulphation

What a lot of people don’t realise is that a battery needs exercising and maintaining if you don’t want it to die.

The majority of vehicles use lead-acid batteries which are rechargeable. It uses an electrochemical reaction to convert chemical energy into electrical energy. Using the battery depletes the sulphuric acid in the electrolyte. This leaves the electrolyte closely resembling water. As a result, sulphate from the acid coats the plates. This reduces the surface area and a chemical reaction can occur over this.

The process reverses when you charge a battery, a process which drives sulphate back into the acid. Sulphation is a build-up of lead sulphate crystals on the discharged portions of the battery plates that cause damage. This is the most common cause of a battery failing. It happens when a battery is drained and does not get a full charge.

Every lead-acid battery will accumulate sulphation over the course of their life as this is a result of the natural chemical process. However, this becomes an issue when it builds up. Sulphation occurs as a result of letting batteries go dead for long periods of time.

Are CTEK products the answer?

https://rudler.co.uk/battery-conditioners/CTEK has a great line of products that can help prevent car batteries from dying. These chargers will maximise the life of the battery. Each one uses patented stages of charging and maintenance. The charger will adjust depending on the needs of your battery. This includes reviving, charging, conditioning, desulphation, and also maintaining it.

All you need to do is connect the charger. You won’t even need to spare a second thought about the charging time of the battery or if it has sulphated. It will take care of your battery for you. Then, you can go about your life whether you are using your car or leaving it in storage.

Order battery conditioners today

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