Why are car covers necessary?

Rudler Car Transportation and Storage specialise in a range of services that are all to do with taking care of your car. We handle things such as; covered car transport, storage services, and special kinds of car covers.

Nowadays, there are many different types of covers to choose from for vehicles, suiting their unique shape and the specific elements faced during storage. Generally no matter what kind of vehicle you have, it will always benefit from having a car cover.

Protecting your vehicle is always a good idea, whether you choose to store it indoors in a dedicated facility, in a garage, outdoors under a carport, or in the open. We are proud to offer car covers to suit each of these settings. Our range includes soft, supertex, and custom indoor, Moltex 5 outdoor, and a number of other options!

There are many reasons why you should protect your car with a cover. They can keep it safe from:
– The weather – this is pretty self explanatory. What you may be surprised to know is that the Sun’s UV rays can be just as damaging as adverse weather. It can cause the paint work to fade and rubber trimmings to crack. Excessive rain and snow can also be the causation of damage to your car’s paint work.

– Environment – things like bird droppings and pollen are nuisances, especially if you just cleaned and polished your car! A car cover is definitely the answer to solving this problem.

– People – whether your car is new or a classic, people may feel tempted to touch the paint work. This could unfortunately result in mark and scratches. The cover will protect against this and additional padding can also save the paint from scratches from people brushing by.

– Animals – are drawn to parked cars because they provide shelter and warmth. Unfortunately they can cause damage. With a cover you can protect the paintwork.

If these reasons don’t persuade you to invest in car covers you can contact us for even more information.