Why we are the best at transporting your vehicles

When it comes to transporting cars, it is vital that the whole undertaking be taken seriously. That’s why here at Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we make sure that your vehicles are delivered safely and stored securely.

We pride ourselves on the way we transport cars; we do things differently with our bespoke, purpose-built vehicles. Specialising in covered car transport, this goes hand in hand with climate control and security. You won’t find a better company to put your trust in for transporting your vehicle. We transport all kinds of cars too, from vintage ones to sports vehicles. We also supply a variety of car covers and storage related services.

Established in 1986, we first started out as just a small van doing deliveries. We quickly expanded in a matter of years, meaning we had to upgrade our services to suit demand. We decided to focus on just car transportation and storage as customers were demanding somewhere safe to store their cars and service to relocate them efficiently. We obtained space where the former would be possible and created the perfect services.

Being members of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs just shows that our love and care for cars is paramount. We are aware of the responsibility for our client’s vehicles that we assume when we transport and store them. This is why we have highly secure facilities and the best transports. We are also members of the Road Haulage Association, which only means that we are a trusted car transportation company.

If you would like any more information on the services we have available, get in contact with us. We can give you the best advice and service in the UK, whether your vehicle is being moved a short distance or taking a much further trip. We can move vehicles travelling to and from shows as well as those that have been sold or are being placed into storage.