Years of storage can do much to a car

Ours is a company that excels in car storage and transportation, with particular attention being placed on vintage and classical models. Clients come to us with the understanding that their vehicle will be well cared for and we assure them that this shall be the case. Offering a multitude of transportation and storage solutions, including the likes of air chambers, we are the ones to depend on if you need to store your car for a while.

The recompense for all the effort and time that you spent prepping your vehicle for a long period in storage will come eventually. The process that comes after is basically you reversing those steps that were taken whilst you were storing it away and seeking out any predicaments that may have manifested in the period that the motor stood idle, be it in an air chamber or a dedicated facility.

If your car happened to be locked up for over a year, drain and refill your cooling system using an appropriate antifreeze. Make certain to use a mix of 30% to 50%, but take care not to exceed this level. Inspect your hoses for cracks, paying special attention to the clamps. Give all of your hoses a nice squeeze too, and if you suspect that any of them have outlived their usefulness, then get some replacements.

For owners whose vehicles have been stationary for 18 to 24 months and who also use glycol fluid, you should drain, flush and fill your brake system back up. Bleed your brakes and observe the operation of every wheel separately. Have someone assist you by stepping on the brakes while you rotate your wheels. Normally, the brakes will clamp down and release in a straightforward fashion. If they don’t and there are issues afoot, then they must be seen to before you take any trips.

At Rudler Car Transportation & Storage the air chambers that we use and sell are some of the most advanced designs on the market. The Cair-o-port for instance comes with three fans that keeps each nook and cranny under your car dry and safeguarded against condensation. Our chambers come with an abundance of other features too, so contact us if you are interested in finding out more.