Your options for covering your car

We began operations with small deliveries in our local area. Since then, we have had the pleasure to expand and offer more services. This list now includes storage and transportation for various cars. In addition, we supply top tier car covers. Thanks to our experience with them, we know which ones would suit any type of car. Each style of cover has its own benefits and can do its job very well.

car coversThese covers are cost effective and highly practical accessories. They are able to safeguard your car from all kinds of exterior elements. This can include protection from dust, dirt, moisture, and UV rays. All it takes to get a great cover is a minor investment.

There are numerous car owners who are aiming to shield their property from external hazards like terrible weather. Because of this fact, it is no surprise that covers are as popular as they are. Selecting the correct cover for your car shall depend on what your requirements are. To aid you in understanding your options, we are going to discuss some of them.

Non-water resistant

We will start off with non-water resistant covers. These are normally made using cotton and polyester blends or 100% cotton. You should not use these outside for long periods. As the name implies, there is little to no water protection. Instead, this cover was originally designed for cars stored inside. They keep the vehicles safe from debris and dust accumulating on the surface. Both can damage the exterior and paint. If you are looking to store your car in your garage during the winter, then this might be a good choice.

Water resistant

Another name for these is breathable car covers. They enable air circulation through the fabric. This aids you in stopping condensation from accumulating under the material and harming the exterior. They come in a huge collection of weights and fabrics. In addition, they do a decent job of keeping water away from your vehicle. Since this is the case, you should have no trouble using covers like these outside. It is important to note that they are better off for short term use rather than long term. They resist water but are not 100% waterproof.


Normally, covers like these are made using plastic film. Alternatively, some are a material that has a top coat of plastic. It is possible to use these covers for long term storage during the winter. Furthermore, you can have them protect your cars from heavy, consistent rain outside.

Get your car covers today

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we have specially designed covers capable of protecting your vehicle. They include the Supertex indoor cover, Moltex-5 outdoor cover, and custom fit options. Each style has multiple sizing options and is available for reasonable prices.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch with us. We trust these car covers and use them ourselves when people leave vehicles at our storage facility. They can provide a reliable extra layer of protection.