Your reasoning for storing your car

We exist to provide clients with suitable car storage solutions for their vintage and classic vehicles. Our team knows how far owners will go to ensure that their property is safe. What we do is give them the first class facilities and security they require. In addition, we regularly inspect these vehicles to make certain they stay in order. We can even use air chambers and battery conditioners.

You won’t always be using your car

Car storageA car is usually a person’s pride and joy. There is more to it than getting you from one point to the next. The freedom of the open road is at your fingertips. This makes people feel good about themselves. Cars give their owners a huge buzz as they can travel across the country and beyond. They will get even more joy when they have classic and vintage vehicles.

While you probably love your vehicle, there are going to be times where you won’t be able to use it. Storing the car properly makes sense for several reasons. Let’s find out what they are.


First, we will discuss winter storage. This is the time of year that tends to be most brutal on a car. Many of us don’t want to step foot outside when it is that cold. Just think about what a car has to deal with. It will spend days getting battered by the cold, snow, and rain. Storing your car with us will ensure that it remains in pristine condition whatever the winter weather can offer. We have covered, temperature controlled storage that will prevent all kinds of wear.

Working and living abroad

After spending a great deal of time working in the industry, we have had requests from clients all over the UK. Many of them choose to leave their cars with us because they will be living or working abroad. We can offer car storage for any period of time. Most importantly, your vehicle will be in a good condition when you come back for it.

No space

Many people opt for storage when there is not enough on-street parking or garage space. We are all aware that there are countless cars on the road. Cities are becoming more crowded, with street and garage parking becoming harder to find. Leaving your vehicle on the street is also a risk. With the number of vehicles going past, they might scratch it or smack a mirror. You also have no protection against intentional damage. A better option may be to leave your car with us, especially if you are storing it for a while.


Finally, many people store cars while they are on the market. The goal here will be to get the best possible price. Sadly, the environment can damage and de-value your car easily. There is also accidental damage to consider. Storing the car will keep it safe during the sales process. In addition, when you make the sale we can arrange transport to take it to the buyer.

Contact us for car storage

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we are more than capable of assisting customers worldwide. This is possible due to our close proximity to Gatwick and Heathrow airports. We have space for all kinds of vehicles and will offer a great solution every time.

If you are interested in our car storage service, please get in touch. We can discuss all the options with you and even come to collect your vehicle if you need us to.