Each transportation job is quoted for individually. Please contact us for a price. Our minimum charge is £80+VAT.


Storage (Price per car per month) + VAT

Dehumidified £105.00 exc VAT
Dehumidified Prestige £116.00 exc VAT
Airchamber* £115.00 exc VAT
Airchamber Prestige* £126.00 exc VAT

We provide battery conditioners for all customers cars.

* These prices are based on us supplying an Airchamber or Cair-o-port at the retail price shown on the Airchamber page. You may rent an Airchamber or Cair-o-port at a cost of £35 per month if preferred. NOTE: Cars over 16 feet in length carry a 10% surcharge on the prices above.



Rental of semi-fit car dust cover £4.00 /month.
Storage off ground on axle stands. £10.00 /month
Minor mechanical work, taking cars for MOT test, dealing with tax and DVLA paperwork £35.00 per hr
Valet, wash and polish £125.00 /car
Hide food leather interior £55.00 /car
Steam clean car, underside & engine bay £55.00 /car

Conditions, Terms & Notes

  • On delivery to storage cars are washed and leathered down if storage term is to be 2 months or more, tyres are inflated to 50% above normal to prevent flat spots.
  • Batteries are disconnected (except on prestige service)
  • 48 hours notice required for removal (exceptions only made if possible) By prior appointment only. We will not accept callers arriving ‘on spec’ and failure to show for an appointment will incur a fee for wasted time.
  • For security and safety no owner maintenance allowed Minimum storage charge 1 months fee
  • Payment: Up to 3 months: in advance, Over 3 months: by monthly standing order.
  • Motorbikes, caravan and commercial prices on application.
  • Prices subject to change by periodic review.
  • By placing a vehicle in storage with us it is agreed that you accept the conditions above.


Owners must insure their own vehicles for fire and theft, we will only accept liability for cars in storage up to a maximum of £100,000 per vehicle for any claim against our own policy. We can insure your car for you whilst off road in our storage through our own scheme with Aston Lark. Charges start from £18.00. per month for vehicles up to £20,000 in value.

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