Car storage with extra protection

Your car may mean a lot to you, especially if it is a vintage model. Whether it is for monetary or sentimental value, or if you are just an avid collector of fine vehicles, you want to make sure that it can be stored safely. At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage we can provide high quality solutions for your vehicle.

The storage options that we offer come in a variety of sizes in order to accommodate the various types of cars that come to us. One of the types of protection on offer is our Cair-o-port. With its external lightweight steel frame, it offers easy access along with being strong, simple and easy to raise. If condensation is your main concern then this is the choice for you as the three filtered fans that are installed ensure that every crevice, including under the car is kept dry. It is ideal for sports cars, classic models and motorbikes.

Whether you store your vehicle indoors or outdoors there are a number of benefits to using car covers to protect them. With a selection of materials available, each with a number of protective properties, they are an excellent form of protection. We offer soft indoor covers made of a poly-cotton material that aids in the protecting a vehicle from moisture, dust, corrosion and scratches. The Supertex Indoor is made of a man-made fabric that is totally dust proof. It is also waterproof which makes it ideal if the car needs to be temporarily outside and comes in different colours.

If you choose to store your vehicle with us you can choose a car cover to protect it whilst it is placed within our specially designed structures. You can utilise the cover alongside the air chambers if you wish. With us you can choose various layers of protection for your vehicle to ensure it is stored safely.

With our specialist climate controlled secure car storage services, your vehicle will never have felt safer. We fully understand the responsibilities placed into our hands by our clients and treat their property with the upmost respect, whether it is with us for a short period of time or the long term.