Safe and secure transportation for prestigious automobiles

When it comes to classic or prestigious vehicles, you simply do not want them to be at risk of any damage. Your car is a prized possession that you have spent a lot of time and effort to maintain. When you need to transport your vehicle for any reason, it is understandable that you will be incredibly wary about the options that are open to you, as you need to ensure that your vehicle remains in safe hands. We offer specialist car transportation services designed around transporting classic, sports or otherwise prestigious cars.

We transport these cars throughout the UK and Europe, providing an unbeatable service for all our customers. If our customers require shipment of their cars outside Europe, our relations with other shipping companies will help to ensure that your vehicle is shipped safely to the area of your choice. When you ship with us, you can be assured of complete safety and care. Our vehicle transporters are made specifically to our exact specifications and requirements to ensure that there is no risk of damage occurring when they are used. The vehicles have shallow load angles, winches and air suspension, thus allowing your vehicle to be loaded and transported safety. As holders of an International Operators License and members of the Road Haulage Association, our clients can be assured that we will take care of their vehicles to the highest standards.

The trailers used to transport the vehicles themselves are either open or covered. We also offer covered transporters as well, and we are capable of dealing with the movement of one to three vehicles at any one time thanks to these vehicles. We run on tachographs to Vehicle Inspectorate regulations, ensuring that your vehicle remains safe, whilst all vehicles transported or driven in our care are fully insured.

Operating since 1986, we deal with customers across the world and have an excellent reputation for transporting prestigious automobiles across the world. Our transportation expertise allows us to transport practically any vehicle, from sports cars such as the Lamborghini Diablo to vintage cars such as the Austin Seven. Our company is staffed by motor enthusiasts, and this ensures that we will remain careful when it comes to the transportation of your vehicle. We also offer storage, using equipment such as battery conditioners to ensure your car remains in top condition the whole time it is with us. With customers ranging from private collectors to museums, all of whom are satisfied with the services that we provide, you can be assured that there is no-one better for prestigious car transportation than us.