Storage space with form and function

As specialists in car storage, we have been particularly praised by customers for our ability to keep vintage cars intact while they are stored with us. Having been around since the 60s, our reputation has grown considerably over the years. Today we are considered to be one of the country’s finest specialists and have the facilities to cater for a vast array of vehicles.

Part of what makes our company so great is the protection methods we utilise to keep the cars safe, among which are our special air chambers. With the external lightweight steel frame, together with three electric fans and the modern state of the art materials, an air chamber is the ultimate in storage system technology.

Unless you opt to store your car in an environment which is controlled, moisture will most assuredly cause damage to it. Nothing poses a larger threat than corrosion; it can attack various metallic parts, marring and weakening them. The process can occur as the result of constant condensation or exposure to hidden moisture. This is the reason why the most serious of car collectors utilise air chambers to prevent any long term damage.

An air chamber is economical to run, easy to set up and simple to use. The twin fans force about 50,000 litres of filtered, clean air across the entire vehicle surface, banishing condensation and drying and moisture. This means the vehicle is well protected.

While the principle of a controlled environment isn’t anything fresh, the rigid 3-D inner frame technology integrated into the air chamber certainly is new. No system does a better job of boasting this unique aspect. Once it has been erected, the apparatus offers instant storage thanks to its full portability.

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage our air chambers provide an effective protective solution for motorbikes, classic and sports cars, and even general household dry storage. They are both incredibly practical and highly affordable, making them the go-to option. If you’d like additional information, feel free to call us. We are so pleased with the performance of the products that we even supply them for people who want to store their vehicles at home.