Bed covers are inadequate for storage

Ours is a business that excels in car storage, placing a particular emphasis on vintage and classic designs. With a range of solutions available, including the likes of a dehumidified purpose-built building and air chambers, we are confident that our measures will meet your requirements. As classic and vintage car owners ourselves, we understand just how much your vehicles mean to you, so we shall do everything within our power to ensure that your vehicle remains in prime condition.

Even after so many years have passed, cars are still seen being covered with duvets, aged bedspreads and plastic outdoor tarps when they are put in storage. The principal concerns with duvets and bed sheets are that they don’t possess great breathing skills, despite the fact that they are soft. Because of this, moisture can become trapped between the blankets and painted surface of the vehicle. Unless your preferred storage locale happens to be a climate controlled unit, there will be moisture and temperature instabilities as a result.

Dense and non-breathable fabric variants turn into a sweatshirt of sorts and confine the moisture to your vehicle. The results from this could include water spots and blisters that manifest on your paintwork. In some instances, discolouration and chalking are also caused. Older, non base-clear paints in particular don’t do well in this kind of storage setting.

At Rudler Car Transportation & Storage our services are designed to offer quality protection for vehicles, ensuring they remain in the best possible condition. We can make arrangements to suit different requirements, storing vehicles in our purpose-built building, using dedicated car covers, and even employing air chambers.

In addition the site we operate is carefully watched by our CCTV system. We have sophisticated alarms that are connected directly to our central monitoring stations for additional protection too. As a result clients can leave their vehicles with us in confidence.

If you need somewhere to store a classic car we are the people to call.