Don’t let humidity in the garage ruin your car

Those who own classic cars not only have their hands on a beautiful example of design and engineering, but also a piece of history. These vehicles require attention and care to keep them in good condition. This care also ensures that you are able to continue loving it as time goes on. If you are looking to protect your pride and joy, you should be looking into methods like storage in air chambers.

Humidity and your car

The temperature and air pressure changes as the year goes on which can also bring different levels of humidity. Humid air holds more molecules of water which creates the kind of wet sticky feeling that people associate with warm weather.

The problem with this comes from when the air cools. This stops it from being able to hold moisture and results in dew. As a result it will cause condensation to form on the surface of objects in the area, including your car.

What is the harm?

Moisture can be very damaging and cause different parts of your car to rust. In addition, it can lead to faster perishing of rubber seals. The interior can also suffer from cracked leather, mould, material weakness, and damp smells.

An air chamber is able to keep your vehicle clean and offer protection from issues like this. When you store your car inside, it will benefit from the energy efficient fans. These will filter the air to remove moisture and abrasive particulate matter that would otherwise harm your vehicle. It is perfect for both long and short term storage to transform a space into the perfect spot for a car.

air chambersTo give your vehicle the best chance at a long life, you cannot afford to ignore its storage environment. There are leading solutions that can help with this such as air chambers. Rudler can provide you with effective methods of keeping your car in top shape. Take your time to read through our website about what we offer and get in touch if you have any questions.