The right place to store your car

If you are a car lover you might own a classic or special one. These are often vehicles that people don’t drive every day. Therefore they need somewhere safe to store them. It isn’t always about a lack of space that leads to people looking into specialist car storage facilities. Sometimes, they want to choose somewhere that will keep the vehicle safe and in good condition.

You need to think about where you will put your vehicle while you are not using it. You might consider outdoor facilities but these will expose it to the wind, rain, cold, and sun. All of these will have a deteriorating effect.

It is not enough to just use somewhere indoors as there are things that could still damage the vehicle. For example, you need somewhere with a controlled atmosphere. The reason for this is that moisture in the air can cause condensation which harms metal parts, the paint, and the interior. You need to dehumidify, heat, or move the air regularly to stop this from forming.

A sealed floor

The place of storage needs to be fully enclosed to protect against the weather and rodents. When it gets colder, rodents look for somewhere that they can shelter, often garages and cars. You might not even realise there is a problem until it is too late and there is damage like chewed wires and interiors.


Anywhere you are considering parking your vehicle should be hard standing and sealed, such as concrete. The reason for this is so that moisture isn’t drawn from the ground to the underside of your car. This creates a film which can cause rust and is very expensive to repair.

Our purpose-built facility is an example of the perfect place to store your car. We have taken great care to make it the perfect place so it keeps your vehicle safe and in great condition.

car storageThere are a lot of people who love owning a classic or special vehicle, but want to look into car storage options. It could be that you don’t have enough space or want to use somewhere that offers the best protection from damage. If you want to care for your pride and joy, check out the solutions we offer here at Rudler or get in touch to speak to a member of our team.