Get your car covered this winter

Winter is the most varied in terms of weather out of all the seasons. As a result it is wise you source car covers; that way your vehicle is protected no matter how frequent the showers and the frost. It must be carefully considered why you require a cover. That way you can ensure you select one capable of delivering the protection you need.

Ice and snow can be really hazardous for your vehicle during winter. However, covers create a protective barrier that will separate both from the surface. This is vital as the snow and moisture could find its way into fittings and fixtures. It if re-freezes it can cause expansion in the various nooks and crannies. There’s a big potential of this leading to cracks if not dealt with soon enough. A small investment in a cover can prevent it and will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Not only is ice something to factor; hailstones are as well. They can cause damage to your car whether it is moving or stationary. Investing in a car cover is a sensible precaution from the hailstones, preventing them from being able to chip away at your vehicle’s surface. This is a surprisingly common occurrence because they fall at a fast rate and can be frozen solid. The impacts can cause noticeable damage as a result.

Those typical winter mornings, when frost has covered your car, can make you late for work. In order to prevent this reality, car covers can be used to protect it from overnight frost. All you have to do is simply remove it come morning and drive off. To avoid a morning of frustration scraping away for half an hour, consider using a cover this winter.

Here at Rudler Car Transportation & Storage will only ever provide high quality, well made car covers. Choices range from Supertex indoor, soft indoor and Moltex-5 outdoor products. The outdoor ones have 5 layers of total protection and are breathable to help combat condensation.

If you need to safeguard your car from the winter elements, then get in touch with us today.