Is your car ready?

First class car storage is vital to those who own classic models. They need a provider they can rely on for all their specifications. Luckily, we can fill this role nicely. For years, our team has looked after these fine automobiles. We have a site that’s both covered by CCTV and accessible to clients from across the world.

Storing a car isn’t as easy as you think. Fuel degradation, non-starting, flat tyres, and dead batteries are just some of the problems you can encounter because you are not using the vehicle regularly. Our intention here is to educate everyone on how they can best protect their car. As a result, below you can find some of our top tips for storage preparation.

Clean the wheels

The trouble with brake dust is that it’s incredibly corrosive. It isn’t something you’ll want sitting on your wheels. This is especially true during summer. Remember to cleanse the inside and outside of each wheel. The cleaning process can differ between car owners. It all depends on the type of wheels you own.

The wiper blades

Give your wiper blades some attention too. Put some clean rags between the windshield and wiper arms. This will hold the blades off your glass. As a result the blades won’t stick to it. When they do stick they leave marks. The rubber could end up ruined as well. Your car might be equipped with wiper arms that pop out and away. If you do, you can place them in the “out” position.

Put the top up

If you have a convertible make sure you leave the top up. When folded for a long time, a material top and plastic window can suffer with lasting creases. In addition the mechanical parts may seize, making it tough to put up again.

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we can store more than 150 cars at any given time. Additionally, we have a workshop that we use for minor maintenance jobs. It’s also where we valet our clients’ cars. Our car storage is comprehensive, suitable for all kinds of vintage vehicles.

If there are things you would like to discuss with us, please get in touch. We cater for various special requests, offering the highest quality services.