Air chambers and garages – what you should know

While garages do serve an important purpose, they are not always perfect for car storage. This is very important when considering protection for special vehicles like vintage ones. Our air chambers can offer more value here by providing higher quality protection.

Air Quality And Condensation

While garages do offer an inside space to keep your car, you need to think about the air that flows through. This can bring risks for your vehicle depending on the quality, moisture levels and other damaging aspects. Condensation can destroy the finish in little time, causing rusting and other flaws. In addition the internal components can also suffer from problems. Rather than allowing this to happen, you can transform your garage space into a dream home for your car with an air chamber.

Extra Protection For Peace Of Mind

As the proud owner of a classic, vintage or sports model, your car will have a lot of value to you. There is no point in putting your time, money and love to waste by not keeping it in a suitable location. With one of our products, you can keep it safe. The filters will get rid of moisture. The chamber also means you avoid any accidental scratches or bumps occurring. You can admire your prize and glory while knowing it will continue to be safe throughout its storage.

You can choose between a chamber and the Cair-o-port. We offer numerous sizes in order to allow you to get the perfect fit for your car. You can even go inside to carry out minor jobs and ensure it stays in great condition. Air chambers really are an amazing form of storage that is worth every penny.

Keeping your vehicle in optimal condition is easily attainable when you invest in the right solutions. With products like covers and air chambers, we can provide you with the best method for your situation. Rudler Car Transportation and Storage is here to give you whatever assistance you need so browse our site to learn more or give us a call.