Retain value by limiting mileage

A key priority for the owner of any classic or prestige car is to ensure that its value is maintained. As part of this, it is crucial to keep it safely and securely stored when not in use, which allows you to avoid any accidental damage. Another important element in retaining value is to limit the mileage. In this respect, professional car transportation has frequently proved to be of great value to car owners.

The subject of car mileage has been quite controversial over the years. While all would agree that keeping a low mileage does help to maintain a car’s value, many are of the view that there is little or no point owning a car if you are not going to use and enjoy it. We appreciate both views, and our services allow you to get the best of both worlds.

Over the course of any given year there are many dozens of car shows across the UK. These provide an excellent reason for owners of classic cars to take them out, enjoy the pleasure of driving and allow others to admire and appreciate their unique vehicles. One potential problem is that these shows can be many miles away from where you live, and the round trip to travel to the event could easily add several hundred miles to the clock. Such a journey will also inevitably add extra wear and tear to your car.

Using our car transportation services to take your vehicle to and from events means you avoid the problems of damage and the dilemma of mileage. By using us to get your classic car to and from an event, the only mileage you will add is from the enjoyment of driving it at the show, and our transportation trucks are designed to give vehicles complete protection.

We are passionate about classic cars, and our business is driven by this passion. By offering battery conditioners, car covers, storage services and transportation, we enable prestige car owners to enjoy their vehicles to the full while ensuring they stay in their very best condition and retain their value as much as possible.