Stick to cotton covers and keep them dry

One of our areas of expertise is that of car covers. Having spent years storing vehicles, we know precisely what form of protection would work in a particular situation. With both indoor and outdoor covering options available, we can prepare you for every scenario.

When used properly, car covers can shield your vehicle against the claws of animals, acid rain, and the effects of ultraviolet radiation. However, they can prove harmful if you misuse them, or choose the wrong one. Should you possess the right information though, selecting and using one won’t end up being too much of a challenge. To help those who lack experience with these wrappings, we’ve produced some expert advice below.

Try a cotton cover

One of the primary covers people use is the cotton or cotton/polyester variant. They come in both standard cloth and flannel styles. The important thing to think about is a rough material can potentially scratch the paint. That is why a softer cover is better. For inside storage environments, cotton flannel designs are gentler on the paintwork. With outdoors covering you need to also consider waterproofing. You can choose a product with a soft inner lining to avoid scratching.

Car cover maintenance generally calls on you to clean it routinely. Things should not be too difficult overall, but you need to be careful. Never store one of these covers whilst it’s wet. If it is damp ensure that you dry it off. Just don’t dry them on an exhaust pipe or they will melt. Additionally, watch out for solvents like gasoline, as they can result in holes.

At Rudler Car Transportation & Storage, our car covers include the Soft, Supertex and Custom Indoor, as well as the Moltex-5 Outdoor. All four are suitable for different situations and were created using specific materials. Nevertheless, each one is able to perform its task splendidly.

If your car could do with some protection for a while, then you should give us a call.