Storing your car: storage unit or at home?

The typical classic car lover will agree that storing their pride and joy is never an easy thing; no matter the time of year or length of time. If you wish for your car to remain in good condition, location is very important. This blog will outline whether storing at home or in a specialised unit is the best option, offering advice from an experienced provider of car storage.

In terms of cost, storing your classic car at home would be the best option. However, if your set up at home isn’t ideal conditions for your vehicle then the investment towards a specialised storage unit wouldn’t be a bad idea. Poor storage can provide more potential for your car requiring repairs, therefore spending that little extra on a unit will save you more money long term.

With regards to security, investing in a specialist facility is the better option, unless of course your home has many security features. The reason for this could be down to the period of time you are leaving your property. Specialised car storage units typically have 24/7 CCTV monitoring, smoke alarms, insurance, regular checks from staff and individual alarms.

One thing that must be kept in mind is the practicality. Given that most people’s car garages are already full capacity, or short on space, storing your vehicle at home may not be the best option. Firstly because you may not be able to clear any room for your car, and secondly trying to move around it can prove difficult; especially if your garage stores other items also.

If you ever do decide on storing it at home, it is recommended you check on your car fortnightly; this is due to the potential build up of condensation and the damage this could cause. But why carry that burden when the option of a professional facility is there?

Here at Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we provide reliable services for many types of vehicle. For example we are accomplished at looking after classic vehicles but can also deal with modern supercars. Our facility is purpose-built, reliable, and affordable.

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