The detrimental effects of heat on cars

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High temperatures aren’t just a danger to humans; they also pose a significant threat to cars as well if you don’t take care. It is for this reason why storing them in a heated garage might not be the best idea over the winter period. The following is what excessive heat is capable of doing to your vehicle if the right precautions are not taken.

Starting with tires, the heat can ruin the rubber materials, a fact that’s especially true if you leave them insufficiently inflated. Hot conditions can also result in them drying out and becoming brittle. It’s likely that a blowout will occur shortly afterwards as a result. If the tires happen to be over-inflated, the mid section is going to deteriorate quicker than the outside edges.

The car battery features a combination of acid and water. Once temperatures begin to skyrocket, the water shall start evaporating much more rapidly. This will leave the lead plates vulnerable to a higher concentration of acid. Once you attempt to start your car again, there won’t be enough amperage present in the battery to get things functioning.

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