The most important storage amenities

The idea of using air chambers has been around for many years. Something that is relatively new to our industry however would be our Cair-o-port designs. This design uses modern materials and electric fans. As a result, it is one of the most effective storage options available to you.

Air chambers can be an essential part of the car storing process. When you originally look into using storage though, there are things you will want to keep in mind. Most importantly, there are numerous amenities that you will want to gain from using this service. Below are some of the most important ones to think about.


The first amenity we will cover is storage access. This is a crucial thing you will need to consider while looking for a suitable solution. It is best to go for spaces or products that allow you to access the car when you need to. That will mean you can keep up with the maintenance and get a good look at everything to make sure there are no issues. Thanks to the design of the Cair-o-port, we can access your car at any point for effortless minor maintenance.

Climate Control

Air chambersUnbearable cold and intense heat can have effects on your car while it is in storage. Car batteries are particularly vulnerable to harm from major temperature shifts here. Other parts can also suffer wear due to the conditions.

Storing options that come with climate control will guarantee that the interior temperatures will remain stable. Outside, the weather could be below -5ºC or over 30ºC. It won’t matter though since the air chamber will ensure the temperature and moisture levels are stable. The air chambers are made of top tier material to make them flame resistant, anti static, UV protective, and can able endure temperatures as low as -25ºC.


Whenever someone places a car in storage, chances are they won’t want to check on it every five minutes. Great security is critical if your vehicle is to remain in top condition.

With storage facilities, you should look at everything that is working to enhance the storage of your vehicle. The greater the number of high calibre security features, the better. The site our chambers are on has protection from the best in CCTV security. There is also electronic coded entry and advanced alarm systems linked to a central monitoring station.

Start using our air chambers today

At Rudler Car Storage and Transportation, you can rely on our chambers when you need to store your vehicle. They give users the perfect environment for new and old models alike. Not to mention, our services are highly cost effective, with running costs of less than £10 per annum.

So if you would like to know more about car storage or air chambers, feel free to contact us. We can discuss everything with you and offer suggestions if you are not sure what to go with. Our team are experts and we excel at handling vintage cars that need special care like climate control.