The standout qualities of the MXS 5.0

As our name states, we are specialists in the storage and transportation of cars. We don’t just mean any cars however; we place a particular emphasis on classic and high value models. Apart from these services, we also supply certain devices that keep vehicles in top shape while they are not in operation. Our battery conditioners are an excellent investment in particular. Reasonably priced and very useful if your car will be out of action in the long-term, these simple products are ones you don’t want to ignore.

Our firm belief is that CTEK are the masters when it comes to battery preservation. It’s for this reason why we provide their merchandise. A conditioner’s primary goal is to safeguard your battery against the likes of depletion and any associated damage that comes about as the result of infrequent usage.

Aside from preventing the power source from going flat, the conditioners also minimise the chances of you requiring a replacement. By extension, you won’t have to put up with re-programming things like pre-set radio channels and similar memory settings.

With its built-in auto temperature compensation for augmented effectiveness across all temperatures, the MXS 5.0 is one of the most popular models available. Additionally, this design is also an excellent choice for maximising the life and execution of the majority of batteries that possess ties to the stop/start function. Said function is a technology that’s on the rise in the motor industry due to its potential to lower emissions.

The MXS 5.0 melds the advantages of a conditioner with the power one finds in a standard charger. They charge a battery simply and rapidly, without there being any need to detach from the car. With constant monitoring and trickle charges that only activate after voltages drop past a specific point, overcharging poses no threat to the battery.

At Rudler Car Transportation & Storage, in addition to the MXS 5.0, we also stock the MXS 3.8 and the XS 0.8. All of these battery conditioners come with their own distinct characteristics, but they are equally qualified for the task of preserving your battery’s charge. If you believe that these devices would benefit your car and you’d like to know more about them, you’re more than welcome to contact us.