Treating your classic cars with care

Former Top Gear presenter James May famously once said about classic cars “if they were any good they’d still be made”. Despite the fact that modern cars offer better handling and are cheaper to buy in most cases, the widespread love for the classic car goes on and on. Classic cars were created in an analogue environment where designs were brought to life using pencil and paper. This allowed for flowing lines that are not possible with digital design processes. Beautiful in every way, these designs have a unique elegance that is appreciated by the classic car enthusiast.

As the cars of today continue to evolve into complex and sophisticated vehicular systems, they undoubtedly offer modern drivers a world of technological advantages. Classic car production was mostly a manual production process. It was performed by skilled craftsmen using simple tools to create panels by hand and eye. The resulting vehicles have stood the test of time and serve as a reminder of bygone days for many. Not all vehicles have lasted, of course, and it is this fact that distinguishes classic cars from those which are simply old. Classic cars are also delicately balanced machines consisting of hundreds or thousands of individual parts that are tuned together to work in harmony. When you drive them you connect to the machine and enjoy an authentic experience.

We know how important your classic cars are to you, and we offer a specialised car transportation and storage service for them. We are trusted by a worldwide customer base and we include dealers, restoration companies and private collectors amongst our customers. All our clients know they can rely on us to take excellent care of their vehicle and ensure it stays in top condition.

We have been transporting cars across the UK and Europe for many years. Our transporters have been specially designed and constructed to match our own specifications and requirements. We can also provide durable car covers and even specialised air chambers to keep your vehicle as safe as possible during storage.