Two important tips for car storage

Our company is one that prides itself on being able to deliver stellar car storage services. We have multiple solutions to offer, which can suit any needs. In addition, our premises are large enough that we can accommodate more than 10 vehicles at once. At all times, we give our personal attention to your vehicle and specific wishes.

You might be going away for quite some time, over a month perhaps. Alternatively, it could be winter time and you wish to protect your car from the harsh weather. If you are in either of these situations, then storing your car is the way forward. What we are going to do here is talk about two things you must do to safeguard your car when it is in storage.

Don’t expose it to the elements

car storageFirstly, you will want to keep the vehicle away from the elements. Leaving a car that is not being used out in the open is never a good idea. The winter snow, prolonged sun exposure, the wind, and the rain shall ruin the bodywork. Store your vehicle somewhere safe with lots of cover.

At the very least, you should use a weatherproof car cover to protect it. You can purchase these from us for some very reasonable prices. We have lots of styles and can custom make ones if your vehicle is an unusual shape.

Anyone who leaves their car in our facility should consider leaving the windows open very slightly. This will permit the air to circulate. It is a good way to stop the interior getting musty.

Fusing brakes

Another piece of advice we have is to not leave the handbrake on. At first, this is going to sound counterproductive. However, leaving it on for a long duration can lead to your brakes fusing. There is an even higher chance of this happening in the wet or cold weather. Instead, you can use some wood or a wheel chock to stop the car from rolling away.

You could be storing the car for over three months. If so, think about using stands or blocks to raise it off the ground. This shall minimise the weight on the tyres and prevent flat spots.

Car storage for any duration

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we base our facilities at the family home in Wiltshire. We did this in order to take advantage of the flexibility it offers. In addition it means we can offer extra protection and keep an eye on your vehicles.

Our company can accept collections and deliveries at any sensible hour. If you require first class car storage, speak to us today. We will arrange a solution for you, even including use of car covers or air chambers if you need them.