A clear view of shipping cars

When you need to move a vintage car somewhere else, you will need the assistance of professionals. Our team have more than 30 years of experience in car transportation. In this time, we have been able to develop a reputation for our secure solutions. People from all over the UK and abroad have come to us seeking our services, and we aim never to disappoint them.

Everyone has to ship their car for the first time at some point. The trouble is that there are those who won’t know what happens. Just like everything else, the auto industry has a fair amount of truths and myths. What we intend to do is aid you in separating fact from fiction. Then, you will know more about the whole process.

It is about more than distance

Car transportationTo begin with, there are some who believe that distance by itself determines car transportation rates. It is actually not just this alone. There are several elements that will affect the rate. Certain factors include the specific delivery timeline, the carrier type, and the type of car.

For example, transporting a huge truck is going to cost more than moving a Sedan. This is due to the space that trucks require on carriers in addition to the higher weight.

Moreover, shipping using an enclosed carrier shall cost more than an open one. However, these carriers defend the vehicle from road hazards and elements.

How long it takes

Something else people believe is that shipping takes more time than driving does. At times, people will need to travel thousands of miles to another part of the country or to a different one altogether. When you do this, you have to think about the time a trip like this shall take. Those who have moved coast-to-coast or overseas will tell you that it can take days. This is after you take all the stops that will happen on the trip into account.

Car transportation is the fastest solution. In addition, it is the safest and easiest.

It is not that difficult

Another misconception is that it is challenging to prepare a car for transport. Appropriate preparation is essential to making certain your car arrives on time and safely. The process is not as complex as you might believe though. It is rather easy in truth.

One of the only steps is to ensure you remove all of your personal goods from the car. Prior to transport, you will also need to take care of the maintenance tasks and ensure there is petrol in the tank. There is very little else.

Car transportation for various needs

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we have moved a large number of cars in our time. The list includes models from Lancia, Bentley, and Porsche to name a few. When someone asks us for a quote, we make it clear that we offer a great service for a competitive rate.

So, if you require our help, please get in touch with us.