How to prepare your car for storage in an air chamber

As the providers of quality storage methods such as air chambers, you can always count on us. We know how essential it is to keep your car safe, whether it is in storage for the short or long term.

Do I Need To Prepare It?

When people are not using their car, many look to store it. Because you aren’t running the vehicle regularly, there are steps you have to take. These ensure that it is in the best condition possible when you come to use it again. Therefore it is important to take the time to do them.

Give Your Car The Best Chance

As your car will be stationary, over-inflating tyres will prevent flat spots developing. Also, the battery won’t get used while the vehicle is out of use. You should either disconnect it or use a battery conditioner. We supply these and they are beneficial for your car when you come to bring it out of storage.

There are several different types of fluids in a vehicle, including the fuel, oil, water, and even windscreen wash. This takes time but ultimately will help protect your car. You should replace the oil, as contaminants build up when the car runs. When you leave it sitting, it can cause damage to the engine. The fuel also needs filling to stop moisture building up inside and rusting the tank.

To stop problems like rot, rust and mould, cleaning is an essential step for both inside and out. You can then protect the paintwork by finishing off with a wax. You won’t have to be concerned about condensation when you invest in an air chamber, as it offers outstanding protection.

Quality Services

At Rudler Car Transportation & Storage, you can discover comprehensive services for your vehicle. We understand the value of your car, and take the utmost care when you work with us.

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