Keep things behind closed doors

After an initial glance at our name, you might just assume that we are a regular car transportation company. This is not the case however, as we place a particular emphasis on classic and vintage cars. Being owners of these fine models ourselves, we understand just how much they mean to you. That is why we put in the maximum level of effort when it comes to keeping them safe.

So you have gone and purchased a vintage car for your collection, but there’s a problem; it’s miles away from your house. There are a number of options available to you here, namely, driving it yourself, hiring someone to haul it on an open trailer, or contacting a specialist company that uses dedicated enclosed transports. There are numerous factors that may influence your choice here, such as the car’s condition and the distances involved. Nevertheless, going with experienced professionals is undoubtedly the safest bet overall.

What will undoubtedly prove to be the largest decision you make here is whether to have the vehicle transported on a closed or open carrier. The majority of seasoned collectors are in agreement that if the motor is restored, valuable and rare, the risks involved with it being exposed to the elements and other unknown complications completely outweigh the additional costs of shipping within a closed transport.

Another consideration that’s taken into account is that open transporters, as well as some closed haulers, utilise ramps when loading. Unfortunately, damage resulting from ramp-related occurrences are common, both cosmetic and mechanical. It is for this reason why certain transports possess special elevators that keep the cars level during loading and unloading.

At Rudler Car Transportation & Storage, we make use of covered transporters as well as open or covered trailers. Each one is of the cleanest Euro 6 standard, and they have been built-for-purpose so that they’re able to meet the proper requirements and specifications. Should you require our services, please get in touch with us to discuss your needs.