Planning ahead of time for car storage

Rudler Car Transportation and Storage can provide the right services to suit an array of vehicles, from vintage and classical models to the most up to date ones. Our business is one that has become well known for its dedication to the protection of their client’s property. As a result you can put complete faith in us whenever you need a service.

Our site is specially designed to deliver the highest quality car storage. The buildings are purpose built and maintained with great care. With a state of the art alarm system and round the clock CCTV in place, there is great security too.

At this point we should all be aware of what needs to be done to prepare a vintage vehicle for winter storage, but what about for the warmer months after? It pays to be prepared after all and the last thing you want is to be caught out and find yourself with a massive repair bill. There’s no need to qorry though, because by following certain guidelines your car will stay in top working order.

The first task typically involves a once-over that covers the entire vehicle. A good idea would be to have an MOT inspection conducted, as qualified inspectors are able to spot that which the untrained eyes cannot. After this is done, check all of the fluids, especially after winter, as the damp weather during this period enhances the break fluid’s ability to absorb moisture.

Inspect the spark plugs next and clean them if required. If they show any signs oiling, wear, or terrible aging, the entire set needs replacing. Once you’re completely satisfied, give the car a test run before storing it to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Most people detach the battery before putting their car into storage or hook it up to a battery conditioner. Both processes are designed to maintain the charge.

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage we can store over 150 cars at a time. While this is a lot, our personal attention will be given to each and every one to ensure they are cared for properly. We have several levels of service to choose from and plenty of extras, allowing clients to select the right one for them.

If you are after the perfect car storage solution, then come and visit us. We operate all year round and adjust our services to suit the conditions.