Pre-transport preparation

Vintage cars are generally worth more than just money; most of the time they have significant sentimental value as well. Since these kinds of cars mean so much to their owners, they need assurances that they will remain undamaged whenever they need them to be transported. This is an assurance that we can give, as we use transporters that have been designed specifically to match the specifications and requirements of our clients.

Making certain preparations before having your vintage vehicle transported can go a long way in ensuring the entire process is a very smooth experience. If left unchecked, a multitude of issues can arise while it is en route to its new destination. For your own sake and that of your property, take these precautions before moving your car.

For safety reasons, most car transportation and shipping companies make it a requirement to have the petrol tank filled by only a quarter. An almost emptied tank will reduce weight, preventing overloading of the transport.

When it comes to your valuables, everything should be removed from the vehicle. This includes owner’s manuals, personal items, and even the stereo if possible. This will help in preventing any thefts that might take place before transportation.

Make sure that you resolve any maintenance concerns too. Every loose or hanging component, tires that don’t keep in air pressure, and all leaky fluid lines should be dealt with before loading the car for transport. This will prevent any further complications from coming up during the moving stage.

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage we can take on various jobs thanks to our wide array of transports. By combining them we can manage the movement of up to three cars at once. They can therefore stay together and arrive at their new destination at the same time.

We have satisfied countless customers in the past and the models that we’ve transported include the likes of Bentleys, Austin Sevens, and Lancia cars. We can even move modern vehicles too if required. If you ever find yourself in need of reliable car transportation we should be your number one choice.